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What To Bring When Buying A Car At Auto 4 Less In Puyallup, WA

What To Bring When Buying A Car At Auto 4 Less In Puyallup, WA

How exciting is it to walk into a used car dealership in Puyallup, Washington, and drive out with a car that fits your needs. It should be a simple process that requires very little out of you, but that excitement can dwindle if you don't have the right paperwork and information on hand at the time of purchase.

Avoid that roadblock and read our overview of what to bring when you buy a car at our Auto 4 Less used car dealership near Sumner, WA. By making sure you have these few things prepared and ready, you're ensuring that you can drive off the lot in your dream car today!

Buying A Used Car? Make Sure To Have These Things

This checklist can help you gather everything you need when you're buying a car. Make sure you have these things handy when you visit the dealership for a smooth process:

Your Driver's License

While you should be carrying this with you no matter what, the dealership will need to see that you are a licensed driver before handing you the keys to your new car. Also, you may want to talk to the DMV before to ensure your license is still valid and not expired or suspended for any reason.

Proof Of Insurance

Car insurance is required in Washington, so before you put the keys in your vehicle's ignition, we'll need to see some proof of insurance. You can speed up this process by calling your insurance agent beforehand and asking them to swap your old vehicle with your newer one to your policy.

Form Of Payment

Whether you're using a check, cash, or a loan, you'll want to have your payment ready. If you're getting a loan with our in-house Auto 4 Less finance department, you can save time by filling out our credit application before you arrive. This way, we'll have most of the paperwork filled out with pre-approved financing, and you can spend less time at the dealership.

Make Sure To Have These Forms With You When Trading In Your Car

If you're looking to upgrade to a Mercedes-Benz M-Class or a newer model Volkswagen Jetta, you'll need extra preparation to ensure everything goes smoothly. First and foremost, make sure you take advantage of our online Trade-in Calculator to learn the current value of your trade-in. Second, when you're trading in your car, make sure you bring with your vehicle's:

Current Certificate Of Title

When you're trading in your current vehicle, we at Auto 4 Less will help you transfer your car's title to us. Don't worry if you can't locate your title, as you can contact your local DMV to get a duplicate.

Current Vehicle Registration

Unless your vehicle is on its last leg, it will probably be a welcome sight for someone else. When you bring in your car for a trade, you will need to provide the current registration. Don't worry if your registration is expired as most vehicles should still be allowed as a trade-in.

Clean Out Your Car

We're not asking you to have your car washed or detailed, but you'll want to pull out all of your personal belongings so you don't forget something that matters to you.

Service Records

Unless your current car is going to be junked, we ask that you have all the service and repair information ready. We would like to know your vehicle's previous maintenance beyond the current history report, so we can better inform the next buyer.

Find Your Next Used Car At Auto 4 Less

Whether you're looking for an Acura or a Volvo, we at Auto 4 Less have a wide array of used cars for sale that will meed with your needs. View our massive inventory online to find the model that speaks to you. Once you find the used sedan, truck, or SUV you love, visit our dealership in Puyallup, WA, to get started.

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